Sunday 25 June 2017

Queensland Tracking Dog Seminar by Kris Kotsopoulos

In this Seminar / Workshop August 12th & 13th 

Kris will cover the latest breakthroughs on;

Applying the learning laws to IPO – Urban – Police Tracking 

• Before the track
• Article indication
• The reward - how, when and where 
• Maintaining focus on the track after article is removed
• Scent commitment
• Scent discrimination
• Perfect corners
• Controlling speed
• How to finish
• Lead Furness
• Hard Surface Tracking

Oh and be prepared to take your shoes OFF

For further information please contact Dave Haywood on 0400 440 526 


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Dog Training Seminar in Newcastle Australia by Kris Kotsopoulos

Steve Williams is very excited to announce Part One of a Three-Part Training Seminar with Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Australia.
Regardless of what your training application is this seminar will offer something for you all. A key secret Kris will deliver is the deliberate application of classical conditioning as compared to ones created unintentionally. 

Part One is where Kris will delve into the specifics of Obedience and Engagement with our canine companions. Part Two will be on tracking and part three is on protection or as he prefers to call it "Drive Fulfillment"

Topics Include...

‣ How dogs learn
‣ What drives them
‣ How to motivate them
‣ How to balance concentration and motivation
‣ How to amplify attitude and not suppress it
‣ How can/should we interact for best results
‣ Dominance-what is it?
‣ Classical conditioning & Instrumental / Operant
conditioning simplified
‣ Markers-what are they and how do we use them
‣ Schedules of reinforcement & timing
‣ Deep discussion on the 4 learning quadrants

Regardless of the application you have chosen, canine learning laws are universal and whatever you decide to do with your dog, you must understand that there are important fundamentals.

When: Sat 1st & Sun 2nd of July 2017

Where: 1 Zircon Lane, Fullerton Cove, NSW.

Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea provided

* Participants of Part One will receive a 10% discount on Part Two - Precision Tracking. 10% deduction applies to all previous Participants who have been to any of Kris's Events. 

* We highly recommend you attend Part One in preparation for Part Two & Three.

Strictly 8 working positions, if interested please provide some information on your dog as we can only accept a select few.

Auditor positions available, get in quick!

Register your interest and we'll forward you a registration form to complete. 

or call 0418 348 804 

Monday 13 February 2017

Something to think about by Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Would love your thoughts on this;
There are many popular super premium dog foods in the Australian market, also available in the UK, Europe and America. They claim that their food is breed specific and specially manufactured for all the main breeds.
The reality is;
There is no corroborating evidence that dogs of different sizes, breeds and ages actually benefit from any specialised diets. We would be very interested in learning exactly what, as a percentage is the difference in ingredients between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, other than the size of kibble and the tinkering with some of the additives.
Do you think rather than any nutritional value related to specific breeds it may simply be a marketing ploy to attract the buyer?

Let us know your thoughts? 

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Dear lovers of Dogs,

My German Shepherd Dog has thrived on Performadog from a puppy stage to being a big boned, well muscled, very energetic 17 month old, in great condition.

No digestive upsets or bad smells from this quality dry food at a very affordable price. I have had no hesitation in recommending Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food for other family members' dogs, no matter the age.

It delivers great results

Annita Reynolds 

Melbourne Australia 

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Saturday 11 February 2017

Adrian Young's Endorsement for Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food!

Super Premium Dry Dog Food - Nutritionally Dense Food For Dogs

Recently we decided to make a switch to Performadog Premium Dry Food after hearing very good reports about the product from friends in the dog world. I would highly recommend this premium food as my 3 dogs are loving the taste and looking great in condition and muscle tone. They are very healthy and full of energy and vibrancy! 

I have found their stamina levels to be up, and general overall activity is higher than normal. Anyone looking to get the best out of their dogs make the switch to Performadog which is purchased at a very competitive price considering it is an all Australian product using the latest technology in its processes and packed with the best ingredients!

Adrian Young, Melbourne!

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Thursday 2 February 2017

Michelle Lynn can't praise Performadog Dog Super Premium Dry Dog Food enough

My name is Michelle Lynn and I run my own business “Michelle’s Dog Behaviour and Training”.  I offer a variety of services including running group and private classes around the Yarra Valley region and training and working scent detection dogs for Detector Dog’s Australia.  

I also train and compete with my own sports dogs so it is vital that I feed my dogs something that not only is palatable for them but holistically beneficial for them to fuel them all day long. I’ve been using and selling Performadog for the past 3 years and have seen great results. 

The feedback I get from all my clients has been fantastic.  

Once they start on Performadog they can’t stop.  People's dogs will even pick out the Performadog kibbles and leave the other dry food.  Dog’s coats are softer, you feed less of it than other dry food products on the market and best of all, the amount that comes out the other end is very little and rock solid!  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Michelle Lynn

Melbourne - Australia 

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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Dog Food Lovers make the Switch to Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food you wont regret it

We started using Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food 4 years ago as that is what she had been fed by her breeder. Previously we were using another premium dry food for our other dogs, thinking we had found the best, we then tried Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food and noticed an almost instant change. Her coat gleamed, her stools were consistent and much smaller and her weight rarely fluctuated. We threw out 15kg of the other brand as we’d never give that to our dogs again!

We loved the convenience of being able to feed both our puppies and adult dogs the same food, in which they both thrived from.

One of our dogs has an extremely sensitive stomach, the smallest change or difference in food gives her severely runny stools, this has ceased since changing to Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food, unless of course she gets into the bag and eats kilos of it, she just loves it that much!

We love being able to support an Australian owned small business who cares about the quality of their product and their customers.

Jess Mullhull

Melbourne - Australia 

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